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What would you do with a 60% increase in productivity? What about a 600% increase in productivity? What if you could train or teach people in just two-thirds the time? What if the people or customers you touched were more consistently satisfied with you, your product or service? That's the purpose behind Rocky Dickerson's Focus Your Power business services.

By utilizing the skills mastered in his over 20 years as a hypnotist, Rocky unleashes the power and the influence of the subconscious mind. Imagine having a conversation with a client or a student and knowing that you were not only influencing their conscious mind, you were influencing their subconscious mind as well! In effect, you are having the impact of two separate conversations at the same time. Ever have to repeat yourself to a client or employee?  Ever have to do so more than once? You can eliminate those instances by creating the impact on both the conscious and subconscious minds simultaneously.

In our workshops, seminars, and business consultations, you are not just shown how these concepts work in general. You actually receive the specific information relating to your individual business. Anything your business does on a repetitive basis with customers, clients, or students can be altered to increase the effectiveness of your outcome. Sales people make more sales. Customers experience higher levels of satisfaction. Students and employees learn faster. In effect, just as a magnifying glass intensifies a suns rays and thus its power - this technology is the magnifying glass amplifying the positive results you achieve.  This technology truly does bring your power into focus!  This is why results are based in double and triple digit increases to profitability.

Below are just a few of the possibilities that exist for your dynamic and rapid change:

"Seducing Your Customer" - this program is geared towards the business professional whether owner or employee that that has a desire to increase productivity and profits immediately. In today's society, technology is what takes an ordinary asset and turns it into a phenomenal profit center.  This program shows you how to take the technology that hypnotists use (after all, they can get a total stranger up on stage and in minutes have them clucking like a chicken), and use it to create a powerful increase in profits.  Just as people seduce others in the pursuit of a date and then a life long mate, these same techniques help you secure business and life-long customers.  Taught in a 25 or 50-minute presentation, "Seducing Your Customer" will immediately impact your profits and create customers for life.

"Quantum Selling" - taught at civic groups, professional groups or business offices, "Quantum Selling" will teach your attendees what is being learned on the cutting edge of sales today. Powerful, informative, entertaining, and packed full of useful knowledge, this program helps your group learn basics of new millennia sales technology that create immediate impact on their sales or customer service. Taught in a 15, 25, or 50-minute presentation, "Quantum Selling" will leave your group requesting Rocky back again and again.

"TeleMARKETING To The Top" - an intensive 5-hour workshop designed to remove the focus from where 20% of your results are achieved on the phone and redirect the focus to where 80% of your results are achieved on the phone! You do business on the phone constantly. It may be cold calls, it may be warm calls, and it may merely be answering the phone. How long can you let 80% of your potential outcome slip away?  The answer is you can't.  In this seminar, you will now find your sales increase immediately.  Included in the seminar is a 30-day action plan to create the outcome in new massive levels!  Don't let the myths of how the telemarketing laws have cut off your telemarketing.  This course shows you the untapped resources others have just forgotten.  Telemarketing is once again the hidden gold your business can tap into.

"Now I Understand" - taught as either a half-day or full-day event, "Now I Understand" teaches your staff how to convey their intended communications more effectively. You'll experience tremendous benefits for your material that is taught on a repetitive basis as well as find this  beneficial in the customer service and sales departments. Any thought, idea, instruction, or action you wish to convey is now accomplished in record time.  It costs too much to get a customer in the first place.  This helps you get customers faster with less expense and keep them happier longer.

"The Strip Down" - an intensive 3-day workshop designed to be all encompassing for any focused businessperson. In "The Strip Down" we take each individual's paradigms and limitations and break them away. In this intensive experience, we take you through your own existing subconscious programming. We find the limitations in the existing programming and examine their origins. Through a variety of unique reprogramming techniques, these old limitations are destroyed and replaced with new empowering paradigms and possibilities. Then, to insure that the change is a permanent part of their future, a complete 12-month business plan is laid out in the workshop. Upon completion, the attendee has new empowering belief structures of what they are REALLY capable of as well as a complete month-by-month checklist to keep them on track. Be sure to ask about the unique twist that makes this program work where others have failed.

Business or Personal Coaching - the ultimate life-long change program.  By working on a daily basis over a 10 week program, Rocky takes you through all the aspects you desire in creating your new change.  In the 10 weeks, Rocky is in contact with you personally 5 days a week looking at each individual day and how you performed in it as well as how the world performed for you.  Also included are 3 private hypnosis sessions to reinforce your new patterns as well as 2 other personal meetings.  In the course of the 10 weeks, Rocky takes you through your best and worst days and helps you create the patterns that create permanent change.  Past clients have used this program to increase their sales or business profits, lose weight, create better romantic relationships, increase the power of their focus, strengthen their family and spiritual connections, and much more.  After the 10 weeks is complete, your momentum takes you further and further along your path of success to your ultimate destination that you desire.

For more information in our seminars and workshops e-mail me here or call me at (702) 743-7625. I am available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.

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