Rocky is a speaker, personal excellence trainer and consultant and has been using hypnosis in these fields for over 20 years.  "It was funny how it all started." Rocky relates, "It was actually one of my sales managers who first hypnotized me.  I thought for sure it was just a joke.  Then, all of a sudden, I started seeing results.  My first certification was back in 1982 and it has only become more powerful since then."  Consistently, Rocky has discovered new and inventive ways to create greater levels of success using these methods both for himself and for others.  Working with companies such as The Los Angeles Times, Century 21, Orange Coast Title, Coldwell Banker, Toyota, Honda, and many others Rocky has consistently helped their staff increase their sales and satisfaction.  Consulting with companies in the fields of real estate, mortgage, title, automotive sales, timeshare, newspapers, advertising, as well as countless other fields have given Rocky a well-rounded background which serves most any company or businessperson.  In addition to personally working with individuals and companies, Rocky has also hosted a radio show for KLAV - Las Vegas Nevada and been used as an entertaining and informative guest for television and radio across America.  "The media enjoys this topic because of two main angles.  One, it gives a great deal of room for levity in making jokes about hyonotizing people to do your bidding and two, when the time comes in the interview to get serious the material has a profound effect on increasing business immediately.  You start giving a business owner information on how his business can increase at least 30% but perhaps even double, triple or quadruple their business, you get their undivided attention FAST!"

"The incident most people love to talk about was where I once worked for a company that was 36 years old.  Their company wide sales record was 14 sales in a month.  That was for the entire company combined.  When I implemented my full line of changes into the sales process, I as just one person sold 104 in one month.  If a technology can increase sales by over 700% I think that there's something you should look at and make it a part of your business.  Even if you only see just, say a 30% increase, how can you deny that's a great return!"

Rocky's successes haven't been just in sales.  Rocky's utilization of the vast untapped resource of the subconscious mind reaps amazing benefits in training and teaching.  "There was a company that had a tutorial that lasted 45 to 90 minutes.  I stepped in and immediately reduced it to about 27 minutes and eventually cut it down to just 12 minutes.  At the same time, the number of customers that called back with questions regarding the material was reduced by about 60%" Rocky's talents and materials have helped more than just the average business owner.  He has worked with ordinary people looking to achieve extraordinary results for years.  He has worked with people as young as 8 and as old as 80.

Whether in a private one-on-one session or speaking in front of hundreds of people, Rocky consistently brings a fresh vitality to the material and the project at hand.  For more information on how Rocky can assist your business, e-mail Rocky here or call Rocky at (702) 743-7625. He is available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.




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