Rocky Dickerson Product List


"Outside The Box" is a three tape audio cassette series which focuses on where you are now and works with you in expanding the limits to where you truly want to be. Full of tools and exercises, this tape series is one which you will find yourself referring to for years to come. You'll be using this anytime you wish to go to the next level.   $75 


"Into The Center" is the new workbook with over 150 pages full of material designed to restore the balance in your life. If you have ever felt out of control, overly stressed, or perhaps you felt there was no hope in your life, these 28 chapters will lead you to the answer. Should this be a time for your life to take a major turning point for the better, this material works with you on a daily basis to find the answers that truly serve you from within.   $35


To order yours now e-mail me here or call me at (702) 743-7625. I am also available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.

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