In the 20 plus years in which Rocky has been in the fields of hypnosis and sales training, he has had the opportunity to work with thousands of people.  In the course of some of the seminars Rocky has been a part of, occaisionally there are "stretching exercises"  Exercises meant to push people to the edge of what they thought they could accomplish and even more.  "Each time we achieve more than we prevoiously imagined we could, we emerge with a greater self-confidence and a heightened sense of accomplishment", Rocky says.  "These pictures are from such experiences that I have been blessed to share with people around the world.  They remind me each time I see them of someone that came to me seeking a change, seeking a different way of being, seeking more joy from their life, that ends up discovering through these experiences that the change was withinthem all along.  That is where the greatness was.  I am the tool that gets used to help them discover that greatness.  I am blessed to get to help them discover that focused power they had inside."

Here you see me breaking a brick with my bare handfor the first time.

Here I am helping my friend, Katie, eat fire while on stage in front of hundreds of people.  Not bad for a 10 year old!

Here I am assisting a gentleman in eating fire for the first time in San Diego, California in February, 1999.

Here I'm showing my friend, Jim, the steps in breaking through a board with your bare hand and explaining how you break through obsticles in your life the very same way.

And Jim easily proves MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

That same weekend, Jim's mother, Michele eats fire!

Here a Las Vegas woman is preparing to eat fire!

Standing on top of a 40 foot telephone pole.

Petting a tiger in Las Vegas, 1999.

Whether in a private one-on-one session or speaking in front of hundreds of people, Rocky consistently brings a fresh vitality to the material and the project at hand.  For more information on how Rocky can assist your business, e-mail Rocky here or call Rocky at (702) 743-7625. He is available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.






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