Hypnosis is an elusive and often quite misunderstood subject. A subject that has long been held in great debate. Many believe hypnosis to be many different things both good and bad. Hypnosis is seen in different ways with many different meanings and results. Hypnosis, in fact is merely a way of attaining a "trance" state.  What is trance?  Well, we have all been there more often then we realize.  Many find trance when there mind wanders and they lose touch with the room they are in.  Ever had someone try to get your attention when your mind seemed a million miles away?  Well, that is one form of trance.  Hypnosis is a tool that is easily used and mastered to attain the highest performance from the mind.

Self hypnosis is inducing the hypnotic process upon one's self. Hypnotism is the process of inducing the hypnotic state. Hypnosis has been referred to as an altered state of consciousness and heightened responsiveness to suggestion. I prefer to think of hypnosis as: "The non critical acceptance of ideas, or concepts". Trance is (in my belief) believing what is or believing what might be. For instance, this world was in a trance some 500 years ago. They believed the world to be flat. They were all in the same trance. Then someone broke the trance. This world will never be the same again. What if I were to convince you that the stock market was about to rise by 600 points?  If I convinced you and then you convinced others and so on and so on, eventually so many people would be in the belief of our trance that it became true. Understand now? Belief is POWERFUL! 

If you stop to ponder, " Is hypnosis really anything more than trance?", then the question may also arise, "Is a Presidential State of The Union speech anything more than a mass hypnosis?"  Isn't then any political speech or commercial or even any ordinary commercial on TV or the radio just a form of hypnosis?  If the point of the activity is to trigger the mind and imagination to see a new way of behaving or existing, that sounds like inducing "The non critical acceptance of ideas or concepts."

So, as it can be clearly seen, hypnosis is a part of our daily life. When you accept ideas or concepts that are new to you, in fact you are in a type of "trance". Ever fall in love and be unaware of what was occurring around you?  Ever seen someone in love and thought that they must be in a trance? My question to you is, "What trance are you in?" Perhaps most importantly, "Does this trance serve you?" I'll give an example. I once weighed 265 pounds. My trance was that I was a fat person. My trance was I had a weight problem and that I always would. I used the principles of hypnosis to lose 80 pounds in just 5 months and keep the excess weight off for 10 years! I can't gain the weight back! I changed my trance, I changed my life. If you held the trance that the mate you have married is the greatest person in the world, do you really believe that divorce would be an option?  NO!  If you were madly in love like the first day you met, you would do anything to save the marriage.

You're viewing this on a computer. If you remove a program (like Windows 95) and you then installed another one in it's place (like Windows XP), does the computer run the same way it always did before? OF COURSE NOT! Your brain is the ultimate computer. Change it's programs and your life changes forever. Knowing this, the next question becomes "Which program do you now want to permanently remove and what program do you now want to permanently put in it's place?"

In this age of technology, some of us have forgotten just how technology affects us. We see it change so rapidly. We see it in the computers we buy and how we perform our jobs. I wonder though, just how many of us are truly keeping pace with the technology of our minds? Your mind is the ultimate computer. Do you upgrade it's software as frequently as you upgrade your computer? Hypnosis makes learning easier and faster.  What's more, when you now learn the technology of hypnosis, you can profoundly affect your results in your business as well. I once took a 36 year old company and increased their sales by over 600%! 

My name is Rocky Dickerson. I started studying hypnosis in 1982. Just like many of you, there came a time in my life where I
wanted change and I wanted it fast. That is what I gained from hypnosis. I now utilize these skills to empower others in helping them get what they want or help them in changing their limiting patterns. I help people give up bad addictions such as gambling, drugs, overeating, smoking, and more. I also help people to create life changes such as losing weight, becoming a better student, a better mate, even become wealthier. I even help people with changes such as overcoming lifelong fears and even changes such as being able to achieve physical climax. I also work with major companies in helping them increase sales, as well as increase customer satisfaction levels. I even teach people in manners where they learn faster and I can teach you all of these skills as well. Here on this web site, I have information relating to hypnosis and what it's all about. Should you wish any further information, you can e-mail me here or call me at
(702) 743-7625. I am available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.








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