The applications of hypnosis


Hypnosis is a powerful tool. It is commonly misunderstood only because of it's simplicity. Just like the computer you use for home or work, your mind is the ultimate computer. When you remove an old program (I'm a fat person) and install a completely new program (I am a slender person), that new program makes the computer work in a whole new way. Just as if you removed Windows 95 and installed Windows XP, it will forever be changed

The way you use this tool creates a focus to your power. For instance, ever just bask in the warm springtime sun on a sunny day?  Well at any time, has anyone ever used a magnifying glass and taken that same sun and burned you with it?  How?  The sun was no more powerful.  The sun was merely focused.  Power isn't powerful until it's used.  It becomes exponentially more powerful when it's focused.  The applications of hypnosis and using the subconscious mind focus your power for you.  Internally the tool helps you achieve what you now desire even faster.  Externally, the tool helps you communicate far more effectively to others.

Many people are under the false belief that they can not be hypnotized. What is true is this:  If you can pick up a glass of water and set it back down when I ask you to and you can also go to sleep at night, then you can be hypnotized. It really is that simple.  Hypnosis is merely an educational process. You learn to relax quickly and easily then use it to your maximum advantage. As you can see from the photos, I know about that which I speak. The before photo shows me at 265 pounds! The after photo has me at my current weight of only 195. There was even a period where I used hypnosis for weight loss and I lost 80 pounds in just 5 months! 

Hypnosis is easy with the right hypnotist. Just remember that you are already under a trance far more often than you may realize. Anytime someone says something and you believe it to be true, that's hypnosis. If I tell you that the stock market is soaring today and you better buy now and then you believe me and start buying all the stock you can ... That's hypnosis.  Do you now realize that if I did that to enough people, it would actually become true? Are you becoming more aware of how powerful this process is? If you were to now use this to help you get what you want in your life, what would you do with all that power? 

You see, the question is not, "Will this work for me?" The question is actually, "How will I put this to work for me?" 

Personally, you can apply hypnosis to just about every area of your life thanks to the psychosomatic connection. Psychosomatic.  Psycho - meaning the mind. Soma - meaning the body. Think they are separate? Just try operating your body with out your brain. So, since your mind is in control in every aspect of your body and also your brain emits signals which actually effect every physical thing around you to some small degree at least (I do cover that at the seminars), that means that changing your mind changes the whole world.  What if a higher power (God) placed your life in your hands. It came in the form of handwriting on paper which was done in pencil. That higher power then said "Go ahead, erase anything you want and rewrite it the way you want it to be." What would you do? That's the purpose of hypnosis. That is why this is such a powerful tool to use. 

Professionally, you can use this tool to increase your sales.  Increase customer satisfaction.  Decrease the time it takes to teach new concepts.  Any time you want to convey a thought, an idea, a concept, a benefit or what ever else you need to convey from one person to another, hypnosis speeds that process and increases it's effectiveness.  It uses the way the complete mind works (both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind) and uses both to your full advantage.  Since the conscious mind is less than 20% of the brain's power and one of it's primary duties is to block out what it thinks it doesn't need, how long can you afford to ignore the subconscious mind?  How long can you really afford to ignore 80% of the mind that merely absorbs information, ideas, and concepts like a sponge?

I have helped people in many areas of their life. Personally and professionally.  Quitting a bad addiction such as gambling, overeating, drugs, and even smoking can be done sooner than you now believe. Increasing sales, influencing the mind of the customer.  Achieving a victory over a phobia or a limiting belief is easily done, just like my clients have. You can use this powerful skill to manifest changes in your behavior. Lose weight, be a better mate, learn faster, feel more vibrant energy, even overcome difficulties such as inability to achieve physical climax. You can use this tool to speed the business process and increase your profits exponentially.  Your mind is a powerful tool. You can now easily learn to use it to empower you and bring you more of what you want in your life. Not only with how you create changes within yourself, but also how you communicate with and influence others.

My name is Rocky Dickerson. I started studying hypnosis in 1982. Just like many of you, there came a time in my life where I wanted change and I wanted it fast. That is what I gained from hypnosis. Here on this web site, I have information relating to hypnosis and what it's all about. Should you wish any further information,
e-mail me here or call me at (702) 743-7625. I am available for private hypnosis sessions as well as seminars and workshops.


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